Internet Security Software

What Does Security Software Protect Us From?

Internet Security SoftwareIt may be taken for granted by many that we need internet security software, but it’s worth asking “why?” if you really don’t know much about the subject. Essentially internet security software protects computers from a wide variety of cyber threats, and can extend the life of your computer.

What Kinds of Cyber Threats are Online?

1) Viruses: Just like a biological virus that makes you sick in the real world, computer viruses have a life of their own and are capable of copying themselves and spreading to systems that they come into contact with. They are most often attached to programs that once launched, activate the virus and encourage it to spread throughout your computer system in the background. Any program that you download online could potentially have a virus attached to it, which is why it’s important to only download from legitimate, trustworthy sources, as well as run reliable internet security software on your system.

2) Trojan Horses: These are quiet thieves that are attached to various applications you can download online, and they are triggered when you open files or applications from sources you don’t know well, either through email or otherwise. In the past they have been attached to messages that excite people, such as through advertisements about miracle products. Once their source file is opened on your computer, in the background all of the personal data you have stored on your computer will be sent back through the internet to remote thieves looking for your valuable personal data. In this way they can steal your banking passwords and all sorts of other information.

3) Spyware: These can also steal your personal data like Trojan Horses, as well as direct you to websites against your will. They are also attached to different software programs downloadable from the internet, and display advertisements when you open the software. Some such advertisements are legitimate and the natural consequences of using free software in general, but others are not. Good internet security software can protect you a great deal from these threats.

4) Phishing: This is a term used to define bugs sent to you through emails or instant messaging systems that prompt you to enter confidential information. They often pretend to be urgent messages from your bank or other online accounting systems, and they demand that you enter usernames and passwords right away in order to continue your services. If you delete these messages, you won’t be at risk.

How much damage can online cyber threats do to your computer?

First you may notice the overall speed and performance of your computer beginning to slow down significantly once it has been affected by cyber criminals. Later your entire computer can crash unexpectedly, causing you to lose all of your personal data. Your data may not even be able to be recovered from your computer drive if it has been corrupted badly enough.

Sometimes, if your internet security software isn’t very advanced, your computer can be spreading viruses to vast networks, without you even knowing about it. Many personal home computers are now connected to broadband internet networks that are essentially “always on.” These connections allow the potential for such computers to become tools to spread viruses and other malicious software throughout networks while continuting to function normally. Effectively, your home computer may be a “zombie” that is programmed to obey the bidding of other users in remote locations that you may never know about.

For all of these reasons, internet security software has become an essential element to online browsing. Included on the following pages are a few very well known internet security software suite’s that do a very good job of protecting your computer. Browse through the pages and pick which one is right for you.

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